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Here's some stitch out exemples send us from our members.

If you want, you can send us your works with our designs!! Send at info@mysweetembroidery.com to publish your works!!

bonjour aux brodeuses du monde entier : voici ma réalisation avec les éléphants !
pour donner des idées à nos brodeuses !!!
My name is Sara B. and I made this rag quilt from your Safari Collection (plus a few others) for
my nephew, whose room is decorated in a safari theme.  It turned out really well!  Thank you!
I added a picture of a gift I emb for my granddaughter's teacher for Xmas. The frog was embroidered on a canvas bag I also did the frog holding a rose and I just have to say I was so impressed at how beautiful the designs sewed out!  Everyone loved them.    Margie
Anna R., Missouri
Christine, France
Pia Jacobs, Holland
Lola B. from France
Wilma H. from Netherlands
Cynthia B. from Netherlands
Nina L. C.
I made this quilt for my granddaughter. Thanks.
Gloria B. from New Philadelphia, Ohio
E. CHRISTELLE from France
Antonia Hernandez from Commerce, GA
Antonia Hernandez from Commerce, GA
A. Lex from NY
Andrea T. from Italy
Jenny Gernat from Tegucigalpa, Honduras